Final Blog for EVER! :(

This is going 2 be my final blog for ever which is major devos for me. I really enjoyed the freedom of this blog, like how we could put pics up and say whatever we wanted to say. What i didnt enjoy about this blog was that it pushed upon us 2 finsh blogs and how this ruined the fun of writing my blog. I learnt from blogging this year that writing is a great way of expressing your feelings and that this great website is a great way of doing that. I found out about my writing that i can write good things that i am no a hopeless person at writing that i am actually quite good at creative writing. I think my writing strength is that i can write anything that i can come up with anything and write about it. I feel that that my learningĀ  strength is to read other peoples blogs and learn from thier writng and make my one piece.

And so my final goodbye

Willis šŸ˜¦


Cereal box assignment tips for Harry Waterworth

Some things you could are:

a) tips 2 ensure success

  • work in class
  • dont waste time
  • stay on track

b) 2 better manage project

  • dont leave it 2 the last minute
  • work efficently
  • DONT procrastinate

c)Ā  to improve

  • use tabs
  • make it look good

What we did on tuesday…..

Sup followers willis here!

So what we did on tuesday was a success and a failure for me. First the other day i lost the document for my cereal box in my usb and then i found today in my usb. The computer used was of course a windows. The failures was that i printed my box and made it well… It wasn’t the prettiest sight among the other boxes which i might say were excellent. So tuesday had its ups and downs but it was pretty sick and fun.

Peace out willis l:)> (pretty cool a’)


sup followers Will here again,

What we did last friday was pretty easy I might say. First up we had to do an survey on mr.gulliford an then we had work on our blog and then work on or cereal box there are still problems with my cereal box (same as last time!) and then we packed up and left.

Peace out Will :0