Final Blog for EVER! :(

This is going 2 be my final blog for ever which is major devos for me. I really enjoyed the freedom of this blog, like how we could put pics up and say whatever we wanted to say. What i didnt enjoy about this blog was that it pushed upon us 2 finsh blogs and how this ruined the fun of writing my blog. I learnt from blogging this year that writing is a great way of expressing your feelings and that this great website is a great way of doing that. I found out about my writing that i can write good things that i am no a hopeless person at writing that i am actually quite good at creative writing. I think my writing strength is that i can write anything that i can come up with anything and write about it. I feel that that my learningĀ  strength is to read other peoples blogs and learn from thier writng and make my one piece.

And so my final goodbye

Willis šŸ˜¦